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Grand Rapids Furniture Consignment

We accept gently used furniture based on a variety of criteria including, but not limited to, the condition, seasonality, style and  expected value. Consignment items must be in good condition free of scratches, tears, stains, broken parts, free of odors and pet hair.



Via email, please submit pictures of your large furniture items(s) along with a description including manufacturer, age,  condition, original retail price if available. 

Grand Expressions Gallery and Home Store reserves the right to refuse any item for any reason. Our experience helps us determine  the fair market value for an item. We may be able an estimate on value based on photos, but final pricing occurs when the item arrives  at Grand Expressions Gallery and Home Store. Grand Expressions Gallery and Home Store is not responsible for providing insurance  on consignment items. Grand Expressions is NOT liable for return of products that at not in the sold and accepted by the buyer in the  condition in which the consignee agreed and described in writing and through photos.  

Grand Expressions Gallery and Home Store commission ranges from 40% to 60% for all furniture, home décor and consignment  art, depending on storage. 

• 40% is standard industry commission if I am not storing. 

• 60% if I store it and it is sold on any site. 

Grand Expressions Gallery and Home Store reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time and require the Consigner to pick  an item within seven days (7) of request. Any item not sold and left unclaimed after the expiration of the contract, or early termination,  shall be disposed of by Grand Expressions Gallery and Home Store with no further responsibility, financial or otherwise, to Consigner  and without notice. 


Commissions will be paid to the Consignee of the sale price for items sold. Payments are mailed by the 17th of the month following the  sale of the items and/or full payment has been received. The consigner shall be responsible for picking up of consigned item(s) in the  event they fail to sell.  

Thanks for submitting!

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